Tiny Tech Tips: Microphones

Capturing The Stage: Microphone Approaches For The Performing Arts

Sensitive (Mic) Matters

Microphone Approaches For Acoustic Performances

Phantom Power for Microphones Explained

Microphone Choice and Application for Live Recording

Unusual Microphone Techniques for Live Applications

Mic Approaches for Capturing the Sound of Grand Piano

Vocal Microphone – Selection Challenges and Solutions

Double-Miking Approaches For Drums

Drum Miking: Unique Ways To Mic Up The Kit

Snare Drum Miking: Techniques from the Field

Drum Microphones: Creative Solutions To Capture The Kit

Kick Drum Microphones: Techniques to Optimize the “Bang”

Drum Microphones: Techniques For Miking Drum Kits

State of the RF Union: The Wireless System Landscape in 2018

Step-By-Step RF Troubleshooting Techniques

Fact Check: 7 Common Wireless System Misconceptions

Resources and Guides

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