Meet MDIIO (Music Data Intelligence In/Out)


MDIIO provides a competitive advantage for artists to thrive in today’s music industry. Store everything associated with your songs, including your tracks, metadata, collaborators, lyrics, playlists, pitches, network, splits, and even licenses. Then let HyprAUDIO get your music to the masses, while you create magic in the studio.

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Introduction to MDIIO

MDIIO is the easier way for the songwriter community to collaborate, network, pitch, and monetize music,” The user can embed each registered song with as many as 90 points of metadata, such as lyrics, collaborators’ contact info, performing rights organizations, master owners, beats per minute, musicians, and so on, thereby improving accuracy – and payment.

Founded by Songwriter, Record Producer, Music Executive, and Tech Entrepreneur Justin Gray, MDIIO offers numerous opportunities. A user can post a project to MDIIO’s community, privately or publicly, and can customize it.  For example, he or she can look for instrumental music for a documentary; search for four- or five-star rated songwriters and ask them to submit songs; post the payment amount, and even license music directly from within the application. “We do all of the transactions within it, so for the user who’s licensing the song to you, they don’t have to pay a lawyer, and you don’t have to pay agency fees on top of that,” says Gray.

“Our number-one goal with MDIIO is to help everybody in music build viable opportunities and networks to help really propel their careers forward.” – Songistry’s Justin Gray

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve written 10 songs, or 1,000, or none,” says Gray. “It works on so many levels. We try as much as we can to link any of those songs that you’ve written to potential opportunities that may be out there. Maybe there’s an opportunity to place a song on a TV show, or to place a song with an artist. Maybe you’re living in rural Saskatchewan, and you create music, but there’s somebody who writes Spanish lyrics in Majorca. We’re really trying to encourage collaboration on a global level and connect the dots.