SoundGirls, together with other leading music industry organizations (We are Moving the Needle,, and Change the Conversation is launching FIX THE MIX, an initiative that seeks to streamline the process of finding and connecting with recording industry professionals who identify women and GNC.

To enable this connection, Jaxsta, the platform powering FIX THE MIX, pledges to prioritize the inclusion of gender pronoun identifiers as well as foster opportunities aimed at creating parity. Jaxsta is the world’s only official music credits database, home to more than 220 million credits by 13 million creatives: producers, songwriters, engineers, artists, and musicians. Those creators who identify as women or non-binary are encouraged to claim their Jaxsta profiles and add their pronouns. All recording professionals who are credited on released music automatically have a Jaxsta profile compiled from metadata that is sourced from Jaxsta’s official Data Partners (Record Labels, Distributors, Publishers, The Recording Academy, RIAA, and more).

Jaxsta will be the first music industry credits database of its kind with gender identifiers, through which the industry will be able to search and connect with engineers, producers, mixers, and songwriters who are women or non-binary. FIX THE MIX is hopeful that this resource will lead to increased work opportunities for SoundGirls.

We recommend you search and claim your profile on the world’s ONLY official music credits database, It’s FREE to claim and verify your profile. If you have been a part of creating music that has been released, you will already have a Jaxsta profile in the database. Once you have claimed your profile you can add a link to SoundGirls as well on your profile.

If you search for yourself and find multiple profiles in your name or variations of your name, simply email and their friendly team will merge them for you. If your credits are missing or incorrect you can fill out a support ticket to resolve the issues and If you do not have credits YET,  sign up here. Jaxtsa will be in touch when they can enable you to publish yourself for opportunities.

As part of the FIX THE MIX launch, Jaxsta’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jacqui Louez Shoorl, is offering a limited-time offer to all SoundGirls members.

Use code FIXTHEMIX2022 for SIX MONTHS FREE access. More details here

Join the movement and together we will FIX THE MIX!