Discover Audio Jobs on the Software and Hardware Development Side

Discover Audio Jobs on the developer side for software and hardware and Raffle with McDSP founder and CTO Colin McDowell

Tune in (zoom in ??) with McDSP founder and CTO Colin McDowell for a chat about jobs in the audio industry from the software/hardware developer side.  Not everyone gets to record with amazing artists, mix for film or television, or run a live show.  But there is plenty more that needs doing, particularly at companies specializing in audio products!!  Colin will offer up some thoughts on what kinds of jobs are out there, and where some of those gigs can be found.

August 27 at 11 AM PDT

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Following the presentation, there will be time for Q&A and a raffle for some McDSP plug-ins.

Colin McDowell has been creating audio products since dinosaurs roamed the earth, which according to some, in the early 1990s.  Colin graduated with Honors from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, along with minors in Mathematics and Economics in 1991. Before founding McDSP in 1998, he was employed at IBM, Digidesign, and Dolby. Colin worked on several projects during that time, including many Digidesign plug-Ins, the original TDM multi-shell technology, and the Emmy Award-winning Dolby E audio encoder. Colin’s work at McDSP has garnered nine TEC Award nominations, two Electronic Musician Editors Choice awards, a Cinema Audio Society Award for Best Post Production Product, an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development, and a few US patents.
When not writing code, developing new products, or using his basket-case persona to demonstrate the latest technology from McDSP, Colin McDowell enjoys spending his time with his two daughters.   From helping them with homework (when their NASA scientist mom can’t figure it out – which is like never), to attending every soccer practice, ballet recital, ice hockey game, and more, that is what Colin likes doing best.

Raffle Details:

Three plugins will be raffled off – each a McDSP single plug-in of choice to the winners.  (require an iLok or iLok Cloud.)