UrsaDSP Plugin Raffle

Boost is providing SoundGirls Two Free UrsaDSP Plugins and we will be raffling them off. Enter for your chance to win here.

We will raffle these off on June 10 and notify the two winners by email.

Pro Dynamics With An Upward Focus

Boost is an ultra-low distortion, upwards limiter from UrsaDSP.

Its revolutionary design gives you new ways to control dynamics without forcing you to accept distortion.

Use it on tracks, groups, and your master bus to increase levels, reveal hidden details with upward limiting, or improve your stereo image with the mid-side mode.


  • Ultra-low distortion – incredibly transparent
  • Prevent inter-sample overs
  • Focus smoothly changes from upward to brick-wall limiting
  • Stereo image manipulation with the mid-side mode
  • Drive and emphasis modes for character
  • Preserve reverb tails with the max gain control.
  • Parallel compression

More Info

UrsaDSP Boost

Boost is the high fidelity upwards limiter from UrsaDSP. It is the first limiter to let you choose volume and character as two separate concerns.

It combines an easy-to-use UI and with deep capabilities.

You can hear samples of it in action on this page: https://ursadsp.com/boost-rev-b/

Get a 14-day demo: https://deviousmachines.com/boost/

Watch Dan Worrall’s independent walk through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKGB3a0IUuI