Modesto, CA – Tour Managing and FOH/ME Seminar

970158_533413986723306_327024156_nSoundGirls.Org and California Women’s Music Festival Presents

Tour Managing/FOH Workshop

When starting out as a FOH or Monitor Engineer, many of the tours you will apply for require you to wear two hats. The Tour Manager and FOH or ME or Production Manager FOH/ME, are the most common dual roles you will find. Being able to handle both roles effectively will make you more valuable, increase your skill set, and allow you to gain the experience you need to tour solely as a Sound Engineer or Tour Manager.

What do you need to know to tour manage, how to juggle soundcheck and getting your artists to soundcheck. Come find out The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of wearing two hats.

Rachel Ryan is the FOH and Tour Manager for PHOX and Monitor Engineer for The Strokes.

Chez Stock is the FOH and Tour Manager for several independent artists, including Yuna, Dorothy, and Empress Of.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A. Feel free to send in questions you want answered – send to

Light Refreshments will be provided.

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Please note that financial assistance is available – please contact for financial assistance.

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