M*****classes is the new Artist Development opportunity supporting women in technical roles in theatre. Each masterclass will be based around a specific creative area and will consist of workshops and talks with professionals and will include theatre visits. These will take place in Spring 2019. 



The first exciting opportunity is to gain hands on career experience in the role of sound design in theatre. Applications are now open to take part in a series of workshops delivered throughout Spring 2019.

In Christine Hamilton’s report Where are the Women (2014/15) she identified that across Scottish publicly funded theatres women made up only 11% of composers, musical directors and sound designers.

We want to hear from women who have experience in the field of music, who are looking to take that experience to the next level, explore the field further, learn professional processes, increase confidence and build practical skills. Ideal participants are working musicians or composers, sound engineers and sound designers with none or little theatre experience.

The M*****classes are aimed at developing long-term relationships and will address practical applications of the job, provide face to face contact with professionals and networking opportunities as well as one to one and group mentoring from a professional sound designer. M*****classes are supported by The Lyceum, Edinburgh and the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow.

The workshops will run on the following dates:

March 8: Introduction led by Gareth Fry

March 23 & 24: Inhabiting the Space – workshops led by Helen Skiera & Carolyn Downing. Theatre event: Nora at Citizens Theatre

April 13 & 14: Sound in Theatre Conference at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & Voice & Instrument Reinforcement Workshop. Theatre event: Local Hero at The Lyceum

May 25 & 26: Putting it all Together workshop led by Matt Padden & Kim Moore. Panel discussion with Scottish based Sound professionals. Theatre event: The Duchess of Malfi at Lyceum Theatre.

The opportunity is open to applications from individuals or small companies be that emerging or mid-career, who identify as women including Trans and Intersex women, as well as non—binary and gender fluid people who identify in a significant way as women or female.

For more information on the content of the course and to apply please download:

M*****classes Application Pack

M*****classes Application Form

Equalities Monitoring Form

Please let us know if you have caring responsibilities that we can support. Applications are now closed. 

Equalities Diversity and Inclusivity sits at the heart of Stellar Quine’s core values, as our ambitions to inspire excellence in women & girls are embraced by the organisation on every level. While women and girls remain our over-arching focus, Race/Ethnicity and Pregnancy & Maternity serve as cross cutting themes.

If you have any questions or require support in making your application, please contact Erin, erin@stellarquines.co.uk.